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Oct 27

Ceramic coatings or Wax? What's your thoughts?


Edited: Oct 27

Where's best placed and what would you not ceramic coat?

Not ventured into the world of ceramic coatings as yet, but iam not a big wax lover either so sealants for me at the moment, and i have my preference their also, si02 sealants iam not keen on, so k use polymer sealants mainly (sonax pns at the moment)

Carbon collective make some awesome starter/easy to use coatings! Platinum wheels is an awesome coating too! Have you tried the proDwax Shield Si02 😉

@Gary Bowles haha cheeky plug their, no i haven't buddy, need to stop buying anymore lsp products have more than i could ever possibly use in a lifetime 😂.


I will get into ceramics soon, as they appeal to me greatly, mainly for the longevity and ease of maintenance.

😂😉 yeah I know the feeling you land up having a cupboard full (for me 3 metal wardrobes) defo get into them you won't look back bud

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