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Paint Correction Detail - Work Process

  • Full exterior deep clean of paint, arches & wheels inside out consisting of pre rinse, pre wash (Snow foam), iron deposit and tar spot decontamination followed by medium/fine clay barring to paint surfaces followed with a rinse down with pure water. ​

  • Paintwork, glass and wheels blow dried using warm air & plush drying towels to ensure all areas are fully dried

  • Vehicle positioned onto ramp and masked up (Trims, grilles, window seals, badges etc) paintwork is then wiped down using panel prep to ensure any oils or polishes are removed.

  • 3 step machine polish & spot/panel wet sanding is performed to remove 95% of defects including marring, orange peel, holograms, bird lime/sap/bug etching & swirling giving a glass like finish, depth and colour.  Final  wipe down with panel prep to ensure a polish oil free surface ready for protection to be applied.

  • Coating of Si02 wax is applied to the paint work for protection (Ceramic coating upgrade available)

  • Exterior plastic body trims dressed

  • Glass cleaned inside and out (Ceramic coating upgrade available)

  • Seat faces, carpet mats & place mats lightly hoovered, dash and trims dusted & wiped down 

  • tyre dressing applied

  • Tailpipe cleaned and polished


Required for 7 days+

  • Add interior detail £80.00

  • further ceramic coatings are available - CLICK HERE for prices