Major Paint Correction Detail - level 3

  1. Wheels cleaned (inside & out) using acid FREE wheel cleaner & Iron out decontaminated

  2. Tyre walls deep cleaned removing old tyre dressing oils

  3. Vehicle jacked up to gain access  & deep clean to arch area including suspension

  4. Pressure rinse bodywork to remove loose dirt

  5. Pre wash applied to inner door shuts, fuel flap, boot shut and rinsed down

  6. Door & boot shuts agitated with a soft brush and rinsed down

  7. Citrus pre wash applied to bodywork and left to dwell

  8.  Rinse off citrus pre wash

  9. Snow foam applied and left to dwell followed by rinse down 

  10. thin covering of snow foam re applied followed by

  11. Contact wash exterior with microfiber wash mitt & agitation to badges, window seals and grilles

  12. Bodywork rinsed down

  13. Lower tar spots removed

  14. Iron out decontamination stage to vehicles paintwork & rinsed

  15. Paintwork clay barred for final decontamination 

  16. Repeat exterior wash with microfiber wash mitt using PH neutral shampoo

  17. Final rinse with Purified water for a spot free finish

  18. Exterior, wheels, door shuts & grilles dried using the combination of a warm filtered air blow dryer ​

  19. Paint depth readings are taken and a printed report is given

  20. Multiple (cut / polish / refine) machine polishing including spot/panel wet sanding is performed to remove up to 95% of defects including wash marring, orange peel, holograms, bird lime/sap/bug etching & swirling giving a glass like finish, depth and colour.  Final  wipe down with Gyeon prep to ensure a polish oil free surface ready for your chosen  protection to be applied.

  21. Coating of Gyeon Si02 wax is applied to the paint work for protection (Ceramic coating upgrade available)

  22. Exterior plastic trims & tailpipes ceramic coated with Gyeon Trim & Rim

  23. Glass cleaned inside and out (Ceramic coating upgrade available)

  24. Seat faces, carpet mats & place mats cleaned followed by Gyeon Fabic coat or/and Colourlock Leather shield, dash and trims dusted & wiped down.

  25. Gyeon Tire Si02 tyre dressing applied


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Required for 7 days+

Ceramic coating costs

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Porsche 911
Porsche 911

Fully protected before machine polishing stages

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Skyline R33
Skyline R33

Paint correction cut stage complete 50:50

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Skyline R33
Skyline R33

Drivers door after machine polishing to remove swirls and wash marring

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Porsche 911
Porsche 911

Fully protected before machine polishing stages

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