The Pro Detail

  • Full exterior deep clean of paint consisting of pre rinse, pre wash (Snow foam), iron deposit and tar spot decontamination followed by medium/fine clay barring to paint surfaces. (If a cabriolet the roof will be deep cleaned followed by body masking/sheeting and fabric sealed with Gyeon Fabric coat ) Any old water spot marks found are removed using water spot remover & Silica Scale Remover for tougher areas followed by a reclean & rinse using pure water.

  • Engine bay fully steam cleaned (no pressure washers used as to protect wiring terminals, fused boxes, ecu's, alternator etc) and agitated using multiple brushes and wiped clean.

  • glass exterior clay barred to remove contaminates 

  • Paintwork, glass and wheels blow dried using warm air to ensure all areas are fully dried

  • Vehicle positioned on ramp within studio

  • Wheels removed whilst on ramp and refurbished, all wheels are sand blasted followed by powder coating giving a new lease of life followed by a Gyeon Rim coating (incl centre badges) and infrared baked for ultimate durability .

  • Wheel arch liners removed from vehicle & deep cleaned, suspension struts & brake calipers all steam cleaned followed by Gyeon ceramic coating of struts, calipers and plastic liners.

  • Interior detail performed with front and rear seats removed incl boot floor and spare wheel. wet vacuuming of mats, carpets and seats, seat belts all areas of the interior is touched including fabric sealing / Leather protection using Gyeon leather shield. an abrasion-resistant coating that will provide enhanced protection from wear and tear, staining and abrasion as well as guarding against the drying and fading associated with exposure to UV

  • Vehicles badges are removed from exterior (to allow optimal access during machine polishing, once completed will be refitted using 3M badge adhesive) trims, grilles, window seals etc masked up & paintwork wiped down using Gyeon prep to ensure any oil or polish residues are removed to see true paint finsh.

  • Paint dept readings are taken and a printed report is given

  • 3 - 4 step machine polish & spot/panel wet sanding is performed to remove 95% of defects including marring, orange peel, holograms, bird lime/sap/bug etching & swirling giving a glass like finish, depth and colour.  Final  wipe down with panel prep to ensure a polish oil free surface ready for protection to be applied.


  •  Gyeon Q2 MOHS plus (certified detailer only) ceramic coating applied - 60 month durability with a 5 year manufacturer coating warranty*

  • Exterior plastic trims coated with Gyeon Trim 

  • Glass cleaned inside and out & coated with Gyeon View

  • tires dressed (Including spare) Gyeon Tire an Si02 coating

  • Exhaust tailpipe machine polished using ball attachments to clean carbon deposits finished with a coat of Gyeon Rim ceramic coating.


from 3 weeks+

​Prices listed below are FROM £ and based on a small vehicle

  • Paint ceramic coating (Gyeon Pure 9H base coat topped with Gyeon Can Coat PRO N/A

  • Paint ceramic coating (Certified Gyeon detailer coating with 5 year warranty) N/A

  • Alloy wheels cleaned, prepared, coated with Gyeon Rim & infrared baked.  


  • Suspension and caliper coating with Gyeon Rim (>800oC) INCLUDED

  • Glass coating (Exterior) Gyeon View INCLUDED

  • Engine bay trim coating with Gyeon Trim & Rim INCLUDED