RWD Supercharged R20 Honda TypeR powered Mini

Welcome to the first ever Pro Detailing UK blog!!

Every so often i will create a small blog explaining and showing you lovely people what we've been getting up to here at ProD HQ (without boring you all too much).

February has been a funny month with lets face it, crap weather! so tucked away indoors with the heaters on (except for Ben who braves the weather out in the van, thank you Ben) there have been a lot of loose leather smart repairs from Prada to Louis Vuitton hand bags to dashboard and spoiler repairs from a Mk2 RS2000 escort along with day details and regular maintenance rounds.

In between the Ferrari California T and Golf GTI bolster repair we had this awesome track weapon grace us. A custom build RWD Supercharged R20 Honda TypeR powered Mini pushing around 350bhp through its rear wheels.

We were asked to install a full carpet and under lay setup, with the engine mounted in the rear, roll cage and a number of cables running into a custom built carbon centre console it took a little modification and trial fits before we were happy to bond it all into place but the outcome was perfect!