PPF - Paint protection Film


Whether it's a small specific area you want protected like an entry kick sill, a front end kit or even a full car coverage we have you covered!

our facilities are fully equipped with a state of the art graphtec plotter enabling us to cut film patterns onsite using Profilm dedicated software for almost any modern vehicle. we also offer bulk installations


installs take place in our PPF bay equipped with correct lighting and air conditioning to control both temperature and humidity.  


We can also give your PPF an additional layer of protection using Gyeon PPF ceramic coating adding further chemical resistance & ease of washing.


custom protection

boot entry, door entry sills, gloss piller trims & more


front end protection

Front end kit including 

  • Bonnet

  • Wings

  • Bumper

  • Headlamps

  • Mirrors

full car


Full car coverage giving maximum protection

Film aftercare & warranty