Leather cleaning, protection & repair

Cleaning your Leather

99.9 percent of all modern car leathers have a matt finish. Today’s leather is chrome-tanned or synthetically tanned. In the past, vegetable tanning had been the more common method. However, when it comes to cleaning, conditioning and protecting your car seats - age and condition of the leather are very important factors rather than the tanning method.

General dirt on leather seats can be cleaned according to the degree of soiling using either the COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner or COLOURLOCK Strong Leather Cleaner. The Strong Leather Cleaner is ideal for heavy dirt  using the COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush to remove dirt from the depths of the grain


Leather repair

Here at Pro Detailing UK we have years of experience in SMART repairs with Leather, vinyl and plastic trims.


Using the best products and systems provided including ProXL and Colourlock we're able to grain replicate from your leather during repairs, OEM approved colours and if not we have experience in on site colour matching and custom colour mixing ensuring the best possible repairs are achieved.

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Isofix seat damage to Tesla model X seat base - missing piece & perforations reconstructed 


      Before               After