Additional Services

Headlamp Restoration

Headlamps, tail lamps, Indicators

Faded or cloudy plastic lenses? Save spending hundreds of pounds replacing when you can have them refurbed and sealed

FROM £25,00 per lamp

Engine Bay Detailing

Steam cleaned & Dressed

With years of vehicle mechanical knowledge you are in save hands when it comes to your engine bay!  With safety preparations to ECU's, electrics, alternator & coil packs we fully cover all sensitive areas before ANY cleaning take place to insure all is left well under your bonnet. Fully steam cleaned there's no pressure washing here!

(additional Gyeon ceramic trim package +£30.00)


Fabric Roof Clean & Protect

Deep clean & seal

Your roof will be deep cleaned using paint & glass safe fabric cleaners, wet vacuum dried to inspect then moved into our detailing studio where the cars fully masked to protect. 

A coating of Gyeon fabric coat is applied giving up to 12 months of waterproofing.