Enhancement Detail

  • Full exterior deep clean of paint, wheels & arches (jacked up to gain better arch access)  consisting of pre rinse, pre wash, Snow foam, contact wash, iron deposit and tar spot decontamination followed by medium/fine clay barring to paint surfaces followed with a rinse down with pure water. ​

  • Paintwork, glass and wheels blow dried using warm air to ensure all areas are fully dried

  • Vehicle positioned onto ramp and masked up (Trims, grilles, window seals, badges etc) paintwork is then wiped down using Gyeon prep to ensure any oils or polishes are removed to see true paint finish.

  • Single stage machine polish is performed to remove minor marring, light scratches and enhance gloss, again wiped down with Gyeon prep to ensure a clean surface for chosen protection to be applied.

  • Coating of Si02 wax is applied to the paint work for protection (Ceramic coating upgrade available)

  • Exterior plastic trims & tailpipes ceramic coated with Gyeon Trim & Rim

  • Glass cleaned inside and out (Ceramic coating upgrade available)

  • Seat faces, carpet mats & place mats cleaned followed by Gyeon Fabic coat or/and Colourlock Leather shield, dash and trims dusted, wiped down & coated in Gyeon Preserve (interior trim protection)

  • Gyeon Tire Si02 tyre dressing applied

From £400.00

Required from 3 days

​Prices listed below are FROM £ and based on a small vehicle

  • Paint ceramic coating (Gyeon Pure 9H base coat topped with Gyeon Can Coat PRO £220.00

  • Paint ceramic coating (Certified Gyeon detailer coating with 5 year warranty) £550.00

  • Alloy wheels cleaned, prepared, coated with Gyeon Rim & infrared baked.  

        whilst on car £100.00 OR Removed on ramp £200.00 

  • Suspension and caliper coating with Gyeon Rim (>800oC) £100.00

  • Glass coating (Exterior) Gyeon View £75.00

  • Engine bay trim coating with Gyeon Trim & Rim £40.00