Why do a training?

The use of leather in the automotive & furniture industries has grown consistently over the last 2 decades. A third of all furniture suites sold in Europe are made of leather. A huge percentage of cars have leather seats. Most customers expect to have leather seats in their cars today. While leather is a durable material, scratches, stains, scuffs and damages are all too common. The market for leather repair, specialist stain removal, and cleaning is huge and there is a significant lack of knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the trade.


Who is this training for?

• Automotive & Furniture Professionals
• or Cleaning companies
• Looking to learn a new skill
• Stay ahead of the competition
• Offer an extra service to your existing client base
• Become an expert and attract new leads


Why Colourlock?

• Specialists in leather
• High quality OEM Approved products
• Global brand
• Ongoing support
• Worldwide network of repairers
• Refresher sessions


Course details

Our 2 day course presented by Gary Bowles of Pro Detailing UK Ltd on behalf of Colourlock UK involves theory and heavy hands on practice making sure you walk away feeling confident in your ability to provide leather repair services. You won't be an expert in 2 days but we will provide all the tools, resources and support network for you to become an expert. Typically, attendees on average require 4 weeks of practice after the training session.


Day 1

• Introduction to Colourlock
• Understanding the surface – leather production and types of leather
• Understanding our product range and areas of application
• Cleaning & Protecting leather – hands on session
• Understanding Colour mixing – how to colour match using our app & other techniques
• Colour matching – hands on session

Day 2

• Introduction to repair techniques & types of repairs
• Preparing leather for repair & masking
• Using a spray gun and airbrush (cleaning & best practices to maintain equipment)
• Re-colouring bolsters – Sponge & spray application
• Repair scratches & scuffs, rips, tears and hole in leather – hands on session
• Pricing structure – how to price jobs
• Summarize, go through training manual & certification.


Course programme:

  • Basic leather knowledge
  • Product overview
  • Cleaning, protecting and maintenance of leather
  • Repair techniques for different types of damages
  • Introduction to colour matching and practice at colour mixing
  • Colouring leather and finishing
  • Q & A


2 day course £500.00 incl

Colourlock UK Training Course