Detailing Services

Unfortunately new cars also suffer from poor paint finish at factory and incorrect preparation at dealerships leading to a heap of issues. 

So before any protection is put down its worth having the once over first. 

Aimed at new'ish vehicles with light wash marring and/or defects. Involving a single step machine polish to enhance paintwork and gloss levels

Its not a show winner but a daily drive! This package has been put together for the person who wants to greatly improve the look of their cars finish but without going into the world of major paint correction. aiming to remove defects by 75-80% 

This package offers the very best paint finish available with many hours of machine work to correct all types of defects, 100% correction is not always achievable due to paint damage or clear coat thicknesses but an overall  95% will be met transforming your vehicle into a show stopper!

This package has been put together to offer the BEST you'll find.

From interior removal deep cleans to wheel refurbishments this detail has it all.


plus it's fully customizable


YOUR ultimate detail

Whatever the job, we’ve got your needs covered. Contact us now for a free estimate.